About Us

About Us


Jiangsu Asme New Materials was established in 2020, focusing on the manufacture of high-quality PET sound-absorbing panels, providing quality solutions for sound. Our products pioneer and innovate, ushering in a new era of decorative solutions.

We believe dreams are for being heard and not drowned out by noise pollution. That's why we strive to produce superior sound deadening materials that reduce echo and reverberation caused by ambient noise. Our products are designed to prevent indoor and outdoor acoustic disturbances, so people can enjoy their environment without being distracted or uncomfortable by loud sounds they don't necessarily want to hear. Whatever your space needs - commercial or residential, business or leisure - our products will ensure that background noise doesn't disrupt the tranquility you want.

Our team is made up of highly skilled professionals with a strong focus on delivering great customer service and top-notch product results every time! We're always developing new technologies that increase performance while reducing costs, which means our users can get more out of their purchases than ever before while saving money! Now, with advances in efficient installation methods like adhesive options, our customers have less trouble installing these absorbing materials; making it easier than ever for them to upgrade the audio landscape of any given area without the need for Bankruptcy!


We proudly stand behind each of our projects as we know it meets industry standards in terms of safety and effectiveness; ensuring perfect end-user satisfaction, whether it is a small meeting room or a large complex such as a cinema, etc. Jiangsu Asme New Materials will always ensure that your expectations exceed reality, helping to create a dreamlike atmosphere wherever it is desired.
By combining many years of experience and modern innovations in various fields such as acoustic engineering and structural design, we continue to provide the most advanced management system (QMS) with the best components available today, making Jiangsu  Asme a perfect product capable of providing worldwide The Leading Vendors Market Bootstrap Too! So no more having to settle for "less" products alone, but trust the expert staff to ensure the highest possible quality at all times while we work... Cheers enjoy something different than what you've heard before~


In short, Jiangsu Asme New Materials is committed to providing complete solutions, providing global customers with an excellent experience through revolutionary technological progress and exquisite craftsmanship, so that everyone has the opportunity to achieve what was previously thought unattainable Ultimate Satisfaction...Let's help realize the possibilities found in silence~